Thief of Hearts Update

imageI am 1/3 done with the book! Its a miracle!

Also, I have put up Prince of Hearts and A Dark Heart on KDP Select in preparation of TOH’s release, so watch out for upcoming deals.


More Title Availability!!!!

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I have decided to try my hand again with offering my ebooks on multiple platforms! Prince of Hearts and A Dark Heart ebooks are now available on iBooks, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, and several others, as well as Amazon. Paperbacks are and have been available on all these sites as well! Please help me spread the word! I didn’t have much luck in sales last time around, but I am giving it another go!

I’m hard at work on Thief of Hearts! I promise!!

Thief of Hearts Update/Cry for Help

image Hi all! I am still working on Thief of Hearts. I have been suffering from writer’s block in a big way, but my goal is to have it done by year’s end. I have been having the hardest time figuring out Rowan’s story. If anyone has any recommendations about what should happen in the book, let me know! I need all the help I can get!  Thanks for your patience!

A Dark Heart

Hello steampunk readers! My name is Margaret Foxe, and I am proud to introduce my steampunk series, The Elders and Welders Chronicles, to Coffee Time Romance. I self-published the first book in the series, Prince of Hearts, a little over a year ago on a whim and have been overwhelmed by the great response I have received from readers. I had absolutely zero expectations of people actually buying my book, much less liking it enough to demand more! Since that first crazy foray into the world of self-publishing, I have put out the second book in the series, A Dark Heart, and am working on the third, Thief of Hearts.

The Elders and Welders Chronicles is a series of interlocking romances set in my unique Victorian steampunk universe. Though each book is self-contained, an overarching narrative links all of the books together and will eventually find its resolution in the final book. I like to call The Elders and Welders Chronicles a bit of a “mash-up”, combining elements of not only the steampunk genre, but also paranormal, sci-fi, and historical romance. Basically, I wrote what I like to read.

A Dark Heart

A Dark Heart: Book Two in The Elders and Welders Chronicles

London, 1897: Lady Christiana Harker once committed a grave sin against her kind when she saved Inspector Elijah Drexler’s life by turning him into a vampire.

Christiana’s bold act has only driven Elijah deeper into an impenetrable darkness, fueled by morphine, nightmares, and a constant thirst for blood. Elijah has no room left in his heart for anything but his quest for vengeance against his childhood tormentor, a quest that he fully expects to end with his own death.

But when the mysterious Duke of Brightlingsea requests Elijah’s help in locating a doomsday device that could level half of London, Elijah’s personal vendetta becomes entangled with a secret war being waged among the immortal Elders.

Just when Christiana finally accepts that her long-held love for the Inspector will forever be unrequited, however, a catastrophe brings them together, forcing Elijah to finally confront his feelings for Christiana.

But will Christiana’s love be strong enough to weather the terrible truths buried deep in Elijah’s past? And will Elijah find the strength of will to finally cast off his demons and let love into his dark heart?

This Victorian steampunk romance is recommended for adult audiences.

Excerpt from A Dark Heart:

…He should have known he’d not be so lucky, though how he could have so grossly misjudged her proximity was troubling. His preternatural senses were beginning to fail him in the most unfortunate ways. He cursed under his breath as he caught sight of her approaching down the long corridor, her scent – so pure and perfect, like country roses in a misty rain – bombarding him. And her blood smelled loveliest of all.

She was all beauty, at least on the surface, dressed in an elaborate green velvet travelling dress, her golden, gleaming hair escaping in wisps from its moorings, hovering just at the level his lips would be, if he stood near enough and tilted his head just so. The London Post-Dispatch had once called her The Most Beautiful Woman in London. And as far as he knew, she still held the crown. Green eyed, delicate-featured, with what novels called alabaster skin, she looked nearly the same as she’d looked when she was seventeen. Frozen in time. His Ana. Yet not his at all.

If his blood had been singing before, now it was belting out a damned Wagnerian opera. He didn’t even bother to hide his eyes and fangs. She needed a good reminder of the monster she’d created, if only to make her keep her distance. And a shameful part of him wanted to make her suffer, just a little, even after all this time…


Also available in e-book and paperback:

Prince of Hearts


And coming soon:

Thief of Hearts

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Storms of Lazarus Cover Reveal

Check out my friend Karen Kincy’s great diesel punk series, Shadows of Asphodel. Book II, Storms of Lazarus, is out this July!!! Check this series out, and swoon over these great covers!

Shadows of Asphodel (Shadows of Asphodel #1)

Shadows of Asphodel

She never asked for the undying loyalty of a necromancer.

1913. Austria-Hungary. Ardis knows better than to save a man on the battlefield. Even if he manages to be a charming bastard while bleeding out in the snow. She hasn’t survived this long as a mercenary without some common sense.

When she rescues Wendel, it isn’t because he’s devilishly handsome, but because he’s a necromancer. His touch can revive the dead, and Ardis worries he will return from the grave to hunt her down. Besides, a necromancer can be useful in this world on the brink of war.

A gentleman of questionable morals, Wendel drops to one knee and pledges his undying loyalty to Ardis. She resists falling for him, no matter how hot the tension smolders between them. Especially when she discovers Wendel’s scars run much deeper than his skin, and it might be too late to truly save him from himself.


Storms of Lazarus (Shadows of Asphodel #2)

Storms of Lazarus

Sometimes escape is impossible. Sometimes love isn’t enough.

1913. Christmas Eve. Ardis hardly expects a quiet holiday with Wendel, between fleeing Constantinople and hiding from an ancient society of assassins. And they owe a debt to a certain archmage.

In Königsberg, Prussia, they work with Konstantin on the next evolution of Project Lazarus. Wendel once called Königsberg home, the city now besieged by the Russians and their clockwork engines of war. This may be Wendel’s last chance to save his family and find redemption, but he’s tormented by nightmares and tempted by laudanum. Ardis fears her love isn’t enough to save Wendel. Her hands are full piloting the automatons, and she’s terrified to tell him a secret of her own. Will they—and their love—survive the storms of war?