Thief of Hearts Update/Cry for Help

image Hi all! I am still working on Thief of Hearts. I have been suffering from writer’s block in a big way, but my goal is to have it done by year’s end. I have been having the hardest time figuring out Rowan’s story. If anyone has any recommendations about what should happen in the book, let me know! I need all the help I can get!  Thanks for your patience!


12 thoughts on “Thief of Hearts Update/Cry for Help

  1. I am sure you have an putline and are working towards your planned conclusion. I was wondering if there are just specific parts of the journey that are causing you to struggle? I’d love to help… The stories are great.

    • Thanks! Well, I actually don’t have much planned. I know I have to fit in some of the plot with the cliffhanger at the end of A Dark Heart, so I think that is causing me some stress. I feel locked into those parameters. I know my characters and my setting (Egypt) and I have written the first chapter (it is posted on my Goodreads site if you haven’t yet read it), but I just can’t come up with the major plot of the book that is not a cliche. Hex is a smuggler in Egypt who flies across the desert in her dirigible, and an amnesiac Rowan comes on the scene. I know eventually he will have to leave her (return to his own time) but what happens to them in Egypt? I have been tossing around some sort of Indiana Jones type treasure hunt or some sort of desert adventure. I just can’t think of anything specific and, mostly importantly, not a cliche. I welcome any suggestions.

      • So I was thinking that I could pose some questions to you and that might help get the creativity flowing. If the ones I post now help, then let me know and I”ll try to do more.
        1. Why was Rowan delivered to an ancient tomb? Could this have something to do with Leo and the device?
        2. Is there a possibility of anyone else following him back in time to rescue or attack Rowan?
        3. Is there the possibility of Rowan beginning to remember things and seeking to get himself back to the correct time?
        4. What about Leo? Where has he been all this time and how does he end up where he is in Dark Heart?
        5. Is Percy’s story finished? Will she tie in to Rowan’s story in any way?
        6. Are there any “special skills” that Rowan has that could be revealed through this? Sasha is brilliant, Brightlingsea is a scientist, Finch is tough as nails, and Hex is a pretty much a female Han Solo. So what is has Rowan got going on? Can it get him into trouble? Or out of trouble?

        I personally love love love the setting of Egyptian pyramids and archaeology. You had the Osiris thing going on in the first book. Could there be a deeper conspiracy going back to ancient Egypt in there somewhere? I don’t know, just thinking out loud. Anyway, I hope this helps at least a little bit. If you need a sounding board, beta reader, editor, whatever, just shoot me a line. I am a high school English teacher and I just love reading sci fi/fantasy/historical/whatever stuff!

  2. Thanks, Phoenix Rose. You bring up some important things. I have sort of worked out how/why Rowan gets to Egypt, and how he eventually gets back to his own time. Yes, it is a time machine, and yes, I couldn’t resist throwing one in these books, since I too am a big Dr. Who fan girl!!!

    Anyway. Someone does indeed follow him through to get him back(sort of), and he does indeed start to get back his memory towards the end. And by the way, Percy (one of my favorite characters!!) will eventually get her own book, so she might just put in a tiny cameo appearance in this one. Most of this book will take place in Egypt, ten years earlier from A Dark Heart.

    You really hit the nail on the head by reminding me of the Osiris angle in the first book. Duh. I should definitely use that in this book! It would be perfect to tie all that in. I think I might need to re-read my own books because I totally forgot about that!

    Thanks for your help. I have never had a beta or editor or even a sounding board for these Elders and Welders books, so I really appreciate the time you have taken to help me out. If it is okay, I might throw some things at you again after I mull this new angle over.😁 I’m starting to see some light at the end of this tunnel!

  3. My sister and I LOVED the first two in your series and have been waiting for the third book!! I agree with the previous comment that Rowen should have a “special skill” of some kind. Plus it would be awesome if Percy had her own story as well with Brightlingsea. The ending of the second book was so shocking that I’m sure once you get it all together it will be amazing! Good luck! We can’t wait!

  4. Have thoroughly enjoyed your first two books and now that I have found your webpage will be avidly checking for book 3. Hope your writers block has cleared and you have a successful completion shortly.

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