Best Review Ever!

Check out this review for The Duke’s Holiday, my historical written as Maggie Fenton. Best. Review. Ever.

Maggie Fenton

I just had a great review for The Duke’s Holiday! Please check it out on my Amazon page or read it here!


Let me start with the two things I did not like about this book…

1) I had things to do over the last day and a half. Laundry. Cleaning my kitchen. Making my family dinner. And none of that got done because of this novel.

2) I too am a debut author of Regency romance, with a book, Once Upon A Wager, out this week. And I really liked my book, until I read this one.

Here is the bald truth. If you buy only one book today, it should not be mine. It should be The Duke’s Holiday, because it is a laugh-out-loud, frolicking fun fest.

Ms. Fenton has crafted a completely original and unpredictable story. Her hero, Lord Cyril Montford…

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