Freaking A. Already sold some books of A Dark Heart. 


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    • Thanks for the shout out! This one was kind of upsetting to write. I really hate what happened to Elijah as a boy, but that was his story from the minute his character popped into my head, and I couldn’t change it. But I really was excited to write about a tortured vampire. Everyone else is these days! 🙂 and you can’t get much more tortured than Elijah. He deserved a happy ending after all the drama he went through. Glad you liked the book! I already have a plan in my head for #3, but it might be a while before it gets written. I literally wrote A Dark Heart in three months on top of my “real” job. I need a bit of a break … Though I am super excited for the next book. And hey, if you’re ever on goodreads or amazon … Or any other site, I am always in need of reviews from my fans! 😉 no pressure or anything, though. It is enough to get feedback like this! I can’t believe ANYONE actually likes my books! I published Prince of Hearts on a whim this summer, and the response has been great. Thanks! Margaret Foxe

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