My new book is a hot mess!

The countdown to my Nov. 26th debut of A Dark Heart is on!

And my book is currently a hot mess!

And extremely dark. A lot of bad stuff happens to the characters. I don’t know what happened. But that was just their story, and I had to tell it. 

Does that ever happen to you, other authors? You just know these things happened to your characters and you can’t change it?

But luckily, I figured out the overarching plot line, and even more importantly what the next book is going to be about.

And I have to say, I am SUPER excited about the third book. GAHHHHHH!!!! Inspiration just struck me while I was out jogging with my dog the other day, and I’ve been on a roll ever since.

The third book is going to be AWESOMESAUCE, and I’m not going to give anything away about it. Ever.

I just need to calm down, however, and get through the second one. it it just sooo depressing in places. I mean, it’s about a drug addicted vampire, for God’s sakes.

But it spends a lot more time steampunk world building, which was another aspect my readers wanted more of. And the romance is very epic, even more epic than Aline and Sasha’s story, in my opinion. I just hope my current readers like it as much as they did the first one. 

Perhaps Nov. 26th was a bit ambitious for me … but I’ve heard from so many readers that they want the sequel ASAP, and I just got really motivated to JUST DO IT! And I do work better under pressure. : )

Right now, I’m just thinking: witty banter, witty banter! This book needs some comic relief! 

I just hope I sort this hot mess out soon! I want a tight, edited copy out Nov. 26th.



6 thoughts on “My new book is a hot mess!

  1. I only just finished your first book, and immediately returned to Amazon/Kindle to find the sequel… and must remain disappointed for another month. Well written, original plot– and an original take on the Steampunk genre as well, which I appreciated. I’m in that (no doubt tiny) minority that cares far more about the plot and characters than about the sex scenes, although those too are well done,

    A comment on the ‘jacket’ illustration of your forthcoming novel: the Inspector’s (unhealed) scar and (healed) eye are clearly shown, but I was bothered by his intact eyebrow. I suspect the artist may not have known that hair doesn’t grow on scar tissue– that the slash which split his eyebrow would have left him with a scar-wide gap in that brow. As it is, it appears to be two separate scars, one ending just above his brow, with a second slash having cut him below the eye. On the one hand, that’s not what the illustration is meant to imply… But on the other hand, those of your readers who don’t have medical or military backgrounds (and probably many who do) will never notice. Since I suppose the jacket illustration is the province of the publisher rather than the author, this paragraph is probably moot anyway.

    Again, though, I want to express my appreciation for your writing, and encourage you to stop reading fan mail such as this and finish the sequel, so I can by it. And yes, more amusing dialogue!


    • thanks for the great encouragement — and for your comments about the second cover. It’s kind of too late to do anything to correct the eyebrow problem, but I always knew something was not quite right about it. But hey, I felt lucky that my cover artist was able to do any sort of scar in the first place! I will also give you one of the 13 spots on the goodreads giveaway! I assume I can email pdf to your email address as listed on your wordpress account?

      Thanks again!
      Margaret Foxe

  2. And shouldn’t the offer be only to the first 12, not 13? As I understand it, the thirteenth ARC was stolen, and will be put to use in a possibly inappropriate manner in six months or so…

  3. Just fell into your story. I love steampunk romance and yours is going into the “keeper” pile. I love the not so perfect characters, and I cannot wait for the 2nd book in the series. You have tempted my curiosity on regarding the 3rd book!! I’m so glad I have found such a new and creative author to read. Thanks for some great writing.
    Kim R.

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