Breakthroughs! Progress! Video Interviewing!

After a long spate of wanting to do nothing but read a lot of New Adult romances (what was I thinking?), my creative muse has kicked in out of nowhere. I was beginning to despair, and the task I had set for myself (i.e. producing my second book sometime this month) was taking on Herculean proportions in my mind.


I am about to start on the third chapter, ladies and gents. The third freaking chapter. Progress indeed. I think part of the problem has been that I had mapped out everything in my head, but was just finding it so boring and trite. You see, there was going to be this whole orphan subplot, but I have never really liked orphan subplots in my reading, so I wondered what I was doing writing one. I had to get rid of it before I died of ennui.


So I am simply going ahead with the mantra, “write what you like” and shaking things up plot wise. There are still a few children who put in an appearance, but not a whole orphanage full of them (thank God).


And I am taking the time to do a bit more worldbuilding in this book per the advice of my readers. I hope everyone likes the result.


Hopefully I will feel comfortable putting up the prologue for interested parties very soon, so stay tuned!


And look for my interview with AJ Harmon on google+. It should be interesting.



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